A & J – Testimonial

Screen-Shot-2014-02-08-at-10.50.40-726x800Dear Martin,

We just wanted to write with appreciation for your hard work on our wedding day. You came up with a very personal record of our big day, catching the moments and atmosphere perfectly.

You made a point of being inconspicuous and taking natural shots of ourselves and our guests. The formal shots were not long in being taken as we had requested, and we felt relaxed during these, and the photos mirrored this.

Your humour with the photos of my parents sitting together (which appeared on your slideshow with a quirky line in the music) made us all laugh! Your wonderful photos of the little flower-girls showed how much they enjoyed being photographed, and several guests commented how you made them smile and at ease.

One guest, an ardent photographer himself, noted you needed no electronic aids to check light etc, relying on mental calculations, and all photos were taken without flash. He was very impressed!

I think it gave them a soft, classical quality. We appreciated you staying longer than the booking as the meal did run late! We feel your commitment towards creating an authentic and fun record of the day warrants a big thank-you and we wish you the very best in your future work here.

Kind regards, A and J