We have shot a wedding in so many different and beautiful places in the UK but also in other countries. Every wedding is different as every location offering something else.

This time we ware at High Rocks, close to Tunbridge Wells. Luke (the Groom) arrives by the historical steam train and Natalie ( the Bride) at the old vintage wedding car.

Location has been just amazing, unfortunately the weather was not really good, but we have a few nice pictures as you can see below.

Please remember that we have so many amazing location here at South West like Torquay, Exeter, Cornwall, just let us know your idea and we will work it out.

And here’s small wedding slideshow:

Some time ago we have a pleasure to photographed a wedding where Bride was from Scotland as well as some of the quests.

As you imagine few of the guys ware traditional kilts and as always where the kilts are there was the question,

What is worn under kilts?

Well below is few pictures from this lovely wedding of Linsey and Steven as well as answers 🙂

And here’s small slideshow:




Here’s another great couple we have a pleasure to photographed.

We had a lot of fun and still have a bottle of Champagne that Stacey give us at the wedding.

Amazing couple, great location, lovely weather and lots of love, what more you need for your perfect wedding.

I hope you’ll like to pictures same as we do:

And heres quick slideshow:

More pictures from this lovely event can be found HERE

Last year 2015 we did over 50 weddings, you may say it is hard to believe every wedding we have photographed. The truth is, at every wedding there is something special, some moment, some person (apart of the bride 😉 ) a location, a meal or a dance.

This wedding I will remember as a best dance floor performance. Latin rhythm and music make even my feet moving.

Don’t get me wrong whole day was amazing, the wedding takes place in central London and we have done small photo session next to St.Pauls Cathedral, great location and beautiful couple, but when they start dancing that was something different.

I hope this year I will have the pleasure and privilege to capture your wedding in Devon area. We still taking bookings for this year 2016 for wedding photography in Torquay, Exeter, Devon and even Somerset and Cornwall.

Below are a pictures from Valentina and Aaron wedding more you can find HERE



As we are working on our website this time of the year, doing a updates, uploading some of last year wedding we had no time before, I find Carmen and Shaun wedding.

You can see one of their amazing images when you entrance this website.

The reason I writing about this wedding I photographed is because they are moving from UK straight after their wedding.

As you probably know we are moving to Devon area as well, so this is kind of similar fillings for us, as was for them at the time.

They are moving from UK to Spain and their wedding was really emotional with lots of kind words and share tears.

As a wedding photographers we are often share the tears with our clients at the day, now as we are moving to Torquay, Exeter with our Wedding Photography Business we feel same feelings, same worries and same excitement about moving to new place.

We hope Torquay and whole Exeter and Devon area will be friendly for new Wedding and Portraits Photographers, we hope to find new friends and clients and have amazing and come life away from busy London.

Heres some pictures from Carmen and Shaun Wedding, and to find more please go to the link bellow.

Wedding Pictures