Martin Bartnicki Photography

Exeter, South West Devon Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Welcome to my website and thank you for visiting.

My name is Martin and I’m a photographer as well as a musician and a business owner.

I live in the beautiful town of Exeter in the picturesque Devon from which you can reach Cornwall by bike.

Photography has been my passion since I remember. My father was a photographer when I was a kid. I can still remember the smell of various chemicals he used to develop his photographs in our bathroom and I can remember the photographs being hang to dry all around the house.  I liked what he was doing, how he was capturing moments, how he was presenting an instant which had already passed and the fact that I was a part of it.

I have always been artistically inclined. I played the keyboard, the guitar, I sang, and loved to observe people and their behaviour. I wanted to somehow immortalize these occurrences, and I have always been drawn towards painting, unfortunately God had another plan and was not kind enough to gift me with this particular talent. Yet I wanted to follow my inner calling and I grabbed my first camera. A modest Kodak at first, then a Fuji, and finally Canon, the brand I am with till today.

Looking for my own path as a photographer I found wedding photography which allows me to fulfil my passion fully. Some say that in order to be a good wedding photographer you need to master all techniques and subjects, as on a wedding day all genres of photography become intertwined; portret (Bride, groom), boudoir (bride), familie (guests), architerure (reception), landscape (location), mackro (rings), product (flowers, shoes), reportage (wedding day), clugging (first dance). We need to master all of those to cover your perfect day in the perfect way.


Martin has practiced his trade across Europe – from Greece, Poland to Germany and the UK. His work has been featured multiple times in Polish magazine KROPKA PL, and has placed in two categories in prominent Polish photography competition FRS – including 1st place in the Emotions and Action category. He has operated in a professional capacity at a number of portrait and fashion studios and has spent time organising and leading photography classes in London and Northern Ireland, finding the sharing of his photography knowledge with others personally rewarding. He has also applied his skills as a fashion photographer.

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